Optimism for Global Economy

smileExecutives anticipate future growth from developed markets with Europe in particular improving.

A McKinsey survey in September 2013 found that respondents no longer believe that emerging economies will lead global economic growth over the coming decade, citing concerns over unemployment, high inflation and volatile exchange rates as inhibiting factors.

The executives interviewed said low consumer demand was their greatest worry in the Eurozone while in North America it was geopolitical instability.

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Desktop manufacturing enters mass market

Maplin is the first high street retailer to sell 3-D printers, Maplin becomes first high street retailer to sell 3D printersintroducing desktop manufacturing to the mass market http://ow.ly/mNPY2.

In a trends presentation and a WhyPoint blog in January entitled Communication Trends 2013-15 I predicted ten trends that would fundamentally change the way we communicate over the next few years.3-D printing was one of those predictions, and in July 2013 science fiction has gone mainstream with the Velleman K8200, that costs £700. It can manufacture any object that can fit inside the machine’s 20cm³  confines.

Now we are no longer restricted to communicating flat images over the internet. We can email a 3-D object, like a chess piece or a mobile phone case, to someone on the other side of the world with a 3-D printer, and they can print it out in around 30 minutes.

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Content Marketing

dumb ways to dieDumb Ways to Die video had 40m views in 3 months http://ow.ly/hSX8K Creative director tells http://ow.ly/hSXoo

Recently I was fetching my son from a friend’s house when the friend’s dad showed me this video his son had heard about from another friend and was showing my son, and now I’m telling you about it, too.

The YouTube video was created by McCann for Metro Trains in Melbourne to promote a rail safety message young people didn’t want to hear.

Using black humour, a catchy tune and cute, animated characters killing themselves in idiotic ways, the video became a runaway viral success. The song made it into the top 10 on the iTunes chart ahead of Diamonds by Rihanna, and Metro Trains enjoyed a 30% reduction in near-miss accidents.

Not only was this piece of online content a viral phenomenon but importantly it achieved its objectives in a very cost effective way.

One of the world’s strongest brands, Coke, has also recognised the importance of Content Marketing and is adapting the way it communicates to the new, digital environment where content is king.

Here is a content marketing checklist from Coke’s content marketing strategy for 2020.

  1. Move from creative excellence to content excellence
  2. Create ideas so contagious they cannot be controlled
  3. Use brand stories to provoke conversations then react to conversations
  4. Make deeper emotional connections through storytelling
  5. Move from one way storytelling to dynamic storytelling
  6. Use the guiding principles in the blueprints for each brand to give direction to daily lives, activities and operations
  7. Apply bigger thinking at the hearts of strategic briefs to create big, fat, fertile creative spaces for ideas to grow
  8. Shift from TV centric ideas to more fluid, provocative ideas that spark conversations
  9. Stick with big ideas for longer facilitating iteration after iteration, which means producing more stuff with less budget
  10. Invest 10% of budget in high risk ideas, learn from them and celebrate both the failures and the successes

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Communication Trends 2013-15

Top 10 trends that are changing the way we communicate in 2013 and beyond…

1. Mass Personalisationitunes7

The digital revolution has empowered people to such an extent that they know it is now possible to get exactly what they want. There is so much information out there that could overload them, yet technology lets customers select just what’s relevant to them.

2. Desktop Manufacturing3D printing

We are no longer restricted to communicating flat 2-D images over the internet.  With 3-D printers we can actually send a 3-D object to someone on the other side of the world. This truly is science fiction made real!big data_2

3. Big Data

Big data is the new natural resource. Companies that apply analytics to data and respond in real time are performing twice as well as companies that aren’t.

4. The Power of the Cloudcloud

The personal computer will be replaced by a personal cloud. Instead of buying programmes and needing storage space on your device you will just pay for what you use and it will be available from any device wherever you are.

5. Social Recommendation

facebook-likeOnline, people are bypassing search engines altogether and finding content they want via recommendations on social media, so marketers are adding SR (social recommendation) to their SEO and PPC.

6. Location-based Infolocation based services

With GPS on smartphones, combined with customer and distributor data, it is possible to instantly provide customers with useful information and offers that are relevant to their needs and their location.

7. Mobile Internet Explosionmobile explosion

In Europe Mobile broadband outnumbers fixed line broadband by 2:1. Worldwide mobile web usage is fast overtaking PC-based web usage. Therefore, in the next few years your mobile web strategy will be more important than your PC web strategy.

8google goggles. Image-based Culture

No more typing words into search engines on your phone. Just snap an image and Google goggles will search the internet for a match. Snap the cover of a book and, with one-click, you can buy it online from Amazon.

9. Augmented Reality

augmented realityPoint the camera of your mobile device at a printed page, poster, object or place, then tap the screen to activate hidden online content. The reality in front of you will be augmented, and brought to life, by online content. The content can be anything. Videos are popular but it could be a product manual, technical specifications or even a quote calculator.

10. Content is Kingsocial pull

There has been a switch away from the push marketing of conventional advertising, where a viewer, listener or reader is interrupted by advertising, towards pull marketing, where the person is engaged and actively seeks out content that ‘tells a story’ they are interested in.

For a full, thought-provoking trends presentation on where the future of communication is headed email: thewhydr@whypoint.co.uk.